I’m still going to the gym, and going through my set of machines each time.  Everything I do is recorded on paper charts that we can carry from machine to machine.  Went last Thursday and Friday, off for the weekend, Monday and today.  I’ve got the treadmill up to a 2.5% incline and walking it at 3.2mph for 20 minutes.   I’m not interested in running because of my balance and sight issues, so I’m working on increasing the incline.  With the other machines, each time I do an increased weight 3 times, and am having no soreness, I increase again by another 5 lbs.  I admit that I’m doing this extraordinarily slowly.  I’m taking it easy.  I see no point in “Zero to a Heart Attack in under 3 minutes.”  Still the movements using arm strength give me trouble, but it will improve.

Have added more fruit to my diet.  I’ve always liked bananas, and I’m eating peaches and pineapple, too

But I sure did see something today that gives me incentive to continue.   I had measured my hips a few days ago, and was horrified to see 39.5 inches.   ME!!  The one who spent a lifetime hoping to someday gain enough weight to wear a size 8 pair of jeans!!!  Anyway, over the time I’ve been going in, well, I often see some of the same women (and men) there.  Today, there was someone I’d never seen.   A rather large woman.  In shorts that were quite short.   And each thigh probably was as big around as my hip measurement.  And about 200 dimples of cellulite per thigh. 

I went back to the treadmill after my routine and did another 20 minutes, and I think I’ll go walk the dog now.

And I weighed myself on their scales, their fancy calibrated one that’s probably a whole lot more accurate than the one here in the bathroom. 154 lbs, and 5′6″  today.