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Picture Post

8th August 2007 | Closed

Not much to say so here are some pictures.  Try not to die of cuteness.   That’s my friend Joe with Alex, he and his lovely wife, Jen, are visiting from too far away where they live.    Yah for self portraits with a cell-phone.  Woo.

Spring Break!

6th April 2007 | 2 Comments

I am officially on spring break.  Don’t get excited, I don’t have any plans involving video cameras and me not wearing a top.  I don’t have any plans, actually, besides my normal routine of work and babies.  I’m reserving the drinking and top-coming-off-ness for summer break.  But I can’t say I didn’t go anywhere for [...]

My First Day of School.

10th January 2007 | 2 Comments

Again. I attended my first class Monday evening, Intro to Law for Paralegals. This is going to be my favorite class this year. (My other two are math and composition, no real competition there.) It’s a basic overview of everything law related. A lot to learn in only a few short months. Tuesday and Thursdays [...]

Happy Halloween

1st November 2006 | 2 Comments

I have found a use for my kids:  Free Candy.   Sydney really made the evening, and not just because she’s incredibly adorable.  After trick-or-treating for her own candy, she would tell the person “Nick wants some” and take a piece of candy to Nick, her favorite.  She had to be reminded that Alex wanted [...]

Special people take special trips.

12th July 2006 | 3 Comments

So. Brian. You can fix all these error messages an ole time you want, ya know. Yesterday I traveled with Lizard and Amanda down to nowhereville to meet Sarah. I might have been suffering from sleep deprivation, or it might have been the excitement of being out with adults and not small children, but it [...]

The 4th of July

5th July 2006 | Closed

Happy 230th birthday, America! And please everyone, keep the ‘legal alien’ comments to yourselves. Yes, and the ‘illegal alien’ comments too, Spring and Jana. I celebrated by takeing the boys to hang out with my other family; Liz, Sydney, Liz’s parents and Liz’s husband. The kids had fun playing with eachother and I had fun [...]

Water good.

30th May 2006 | Closed

We had another water filled day today, this time at the water park at Killen’s Pond. The boys really seemed to enjoy it.  Unfortunately I think this is one thing that will be near impossible to do by myself while they are still this young.  They are still pretty unsteady on their feet in the [...]

Trip to the park

10th March 2006 | Closed

Yesterday morning we met Lizard and Sydney at Brecknock.  As I mentioned to Liz, I haven’t been there since some friends and I snuck out during gym class.  So the boys swung on the swings which they both seemed to enjoy a lot.  Then we took them all in strollers for a walk through the [...]