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More Ridiculous Holidays

11th May 2012 | Closed

There are some holidays that I consider Hallmark Holidays; mostly made up by commercialism to get people to buy shit.  These Hallmark Holidays include, but are not limited to: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Secretaries Day (think they changed the name of that one, though), etc.  Today is one of them, [...]

Our 5 Year Plan

27th April 2012 | Closed

I have had friends who’ve had 5 year plans.  Graduate from college, get a career job, get married, have a baby, etc.   I guess I had a five year plan at some point, but the college part alone took 4 years and I already had babies by then and was divorced soo..  my five [...]

I Have A Blog?

5th April 2012 | Closed

Holy crap, this is still here? One might say I’ve “forgotten” to blog.  One might also say I’ve been busy.  I’ll go with option two. Let’s see, since my last entry in November of 2010 I turned 30.  And by 30 I mean 22 again of course.  Then 2011 was busy; we got busy and [...]

Joe’s Conversations. (Don’t read this one, Mom.)

5th October 2010 | Closed

Joe likes to make up situations in his head.  Ya know, as a “wouldn’t it be funny if this happened” kinda deal. So today I asked him if he could meet me at the clinic for an upcoming ob/gyn appointment.  He asked why and I told him that the doctor is a man and I [...]

Updatery Part… whatever.

30th August 2010 | Closed

Things that have happened since I last updated this page… I got older We had our second wedding anniversary I went to New Orleans for Mazzy Maz’s 30th birthday and was lucky enough to be there when the Saints won the Superbowl (so friggin awesome!) and back home was being smothered by many feet of [...]

Boasting About my Husband

4th April 2009 | Closed

I think I’ve posted once or twice about the wonderfulness that is my husband, but really those incidences are just the tip of the iceberg.  I think this is going to require bullet points. When he comes to bed, he brings up my slippers and lays them on my side of the bed. If he [...]

V-Day Reprise

16th February 2009 | 2 Comments

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, I promise next year, I’ll hand these to you.” All together now:  aaaaaaaaaaaaawww.

VDay – 0, USMC – 2 & Updatery

11th February 2009 | Closed

Joe and I are coming up on our second Valentine’s Day together.  And by “together” I, of course, mean apart.  I suppose there’s always next year, right?  If all goes as planned, there will be about 50 more V-Day’s, the Marine Corps can’t possibly take ALL of them.  And no, USMC, that is not a [...]

Joe Gets a Lesson

24th January 2009 | 1 Comment

Nick’s 3 3/4 year old brain seems to think it can control his level of hunger.  As in “Even though I refuse to eat my dinner, I won’t be hungry later.”  Joe, in his infinite wisdom, tried to explain to Nick that getting hungry is kinda like going to the bathroom, you can’t control the [...]

Husbands Say The Darndest Things

15th January 2009 | 4 Comments

“I have all this free time and no sewing machine!!” After a few seconds of me giving him a look that must have screamed “would you like a rainbow bumper sticker with that?” “Uhm.  I mean I have all this free time and no sheet metal!”