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VDay – 0, USMC – 2 & Updatery

11th February 2009 | Closed

Joe and I are coming up on our second Valentine’s Day together.  And by “together” I, of course, mean apart.  I suppose there’s always next year, right?  If all goes as planned, there will be about 50 more V-Day’s, the Marine Corps can’t possibly take ALL of them.  And no, USMC, that is not a [...]

Happy Anniversary to Us!

31st December 2008 | Closed

Today Joe and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  He’s playing video games and I’m on the computer..  a match made in heaven.  We don’t have any special plans for the evening besides me making him special beer flavored bratwurst.  (Every Jew’s dream!)  Gifts were already exchanged, he got his when we moved (a Crafts*man [...]


28th December 2008 | 2 Comments

Flapjack! She is a 13 month old mother of 4.  We did not take any of her kittens, 3 of them were already adopted before we got there and the fourth one we left at the animal rescue.   She is very good natured, although is a little uneasy.  She seems to be constantly looking [...]