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A Case of the “Mondays”

20th November 2006 | 1 Comment

In this case, it’s writers block.  Nothing is happening here.  The twins’ father apparently spent the weekend having his jaw wired shut.  I need to start thinking of better excuses for missing work, my head cold is starting to look so boring.

The un-spoiling.

13th November 2006 | 1 Comment

When the boys’ father has them for the weekend, I have to un-spoil them when they get back.  Even after only two days they get used to being waited on hand and foot.  They cry, there’s someone to pick them up.  There’s always someone to entertain them all day long.  I simply don’t do it.  [...]

Twins & More

26th May 2006 | 3 Comments

Tomorrow is Twinsday!  We are going to some park outside of Philly tomorrow to join about 60 other Twin families for a picnic.  Hopefully we will have nice weather.  Yesterday and today has been ungodly humid.  I’m talking mid-August humid.  My toes are sweating.  Sean and I keep saying one more day of this and [...]

Mother’s Day

15th May 2006 | 1 Comment

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this!  Hopefully the men in our lives rememebered. Mine did!  I had breakfast made for me while I layed in bed.  I even got a little snuggle time with Alex.  Nick didn’t want to snuggle.  While I ate breakfast I opened my cards from Sean and one [...]

Easter bunnies

16th April 2006 | Closed

Did not visit my house.  I’ve never had a big thing done for Easter so I didn’t do anything for kiddies.  We are going over to mom’s for Ham Day, though, because that is the most important part of Easter.  And I did get the boys little faerie outfits to wear which I will take [...]

Sydney is two!

26th March 2006 | Closed

Sydney turned two on Friday!    Yesterday the boys and I went to her birthday party.  Liz did a great job with the whole thing.  The cake was beautiful (and yummy) the food was yummy and the company was awesome.  Alex toddled around impressing everyone and Nick got to walk around while someone held his [...]

I still love Liz..

16th February 2006 | Closed

..even though she did officially break my car!    My mechanic said “somebody musta got their foot caught up in the wire and pulled it loose.”  “The wire” being the wire that connects the switch/button under the dash that turns the fuel pump on and off when you’re rearended.  So I guess we can’t blame [...]

“Are they twins?”

6th February 2006 | 2 Comments

Today the boys and I went to Kohl’s to do a bit of shopping. I still had to get something for Sean’s birthday which is today. So we manage to get through the entire shopping trip without any comments, stupid or nice. Or so I thought. I get in the check out lane and while [...]

Weekend update!

30th January 2006 | 1 Comment

This going to be much less news-y and also not as funny as the SNL version of “Weekend Update.” Saturday I took the boys to the mall with Grandma.  We only had about a half dozen people stop to oogle at them, which is considerably less than usual.  No rude comments this time, besides the [...]