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A Lot of Things

11th November 2012 | Closed

I always think of things to blog about during the day.  Specifically lately it’s been the election and Joshua’s birthday.  But once I sit down on the computer in the evening, I just can’t find the words or the energy.    And now the election has come and gone, tempers seem to be calming down [...]

The Water Here

9th July 2012 | Closed

Our whole family is enjoying the beautiful water along the Emerald Coast of Florida.  There’s no waiting until August when the water is warm enough to go in.  There’s no timing your entry (and exit!) into the water with the waves so you don’t get pummeled into the sand.    We have been swimming in [...]

Updated Picture Post

28th April 2012 | Closed

Since it has been so soooo long since I’ve posted here, I should probably update with some pictures of my adorable & smart sons.

Updatery Part… whatever.

30th August 2010 | Closed

Things that have happened since I last updated this page… I got older We had our second wedding anniversary I went to New Orleans for Mazzy Maz’s 30th birthday and was lucky enough to be there when the Saints won the Superbowl (so friggin awesome!) and back home was being smothered by many feet of [...]


19th November 2009 | Closed

Our awesome webmaster is doing some updates!  So in honor of website updates and the fact that I haven’t updated the old site in ooooh.. six months or so, here’s some update from us: The twins are four and a half. They are in school. They LOVE school. They got their first report cards recently [...]

Birthdays and Rain and Shots, Oh My!

9th May 2009 | Closed

The twins’ fourth birthday has come and gone, along with their party and a seemingly never ending rainstorm.  We were lucky enough to have excellent weather the day of their party, but then it rained for 6 days straight.  The weather finally broke yesterday and seems to be sunny once again today. The weather did [...]

Star Wars, According to the Twins

28th January 2009 | 2 Comments

Roll Call: Han Solo:  The guy with the blue pants/Han Solo Obi Wan Kenobi:  Superman/Obi Wan Kenovi Luke Skywalker:  Luke Skywalker Princess Leia:  Princess Leia Darth Vader:  Luke Skywalker’s daddy Jabba the hut:  Frog Jar Jar Binks:  Llama C3PO:  The yellow guy R2D2:  The robot Places of Interest: The Mos Eisley Cantina:  Arby’s  (Nick has [...]

Living With Boys

14th January 2009 | 3 Comments

They burp. They fart. Their farts make you leave the room. They play video games. They stick their hands down their pants. They sniff their hands.

P Words

2nd November 2008 | 1 Comment

That sweet husband, the man I love, whom I gave my entire heart to without a second thought, well the bastard got me sick. Bastard. There was number 2′s that were more like number 1′s.  In fact, I wasn’t sure which was coming out of where.  Then there was the puking.  At least I was [...]

Moving, Warm Weather & Halloween Prep

16th October 2008 | Closed

The packing has begun. Originally, when we knew we would be moving in November or December of this year, I remember thinking the cool weather would be a blessing. Moving and packing are hot, sweaty jobs. And while I do like watching men getting sweating during manual labor, I’m not fond of sweating myself, nor [...]