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But Mom, It Was On SALE!

30th November 2006 | 3 Comments

My mom prides herself on finding a good deal. Yes, she’ll buy a basement full of water if it’s on sale. She passed this love of a bargain on to me, though I like to think I only buy things I can actually use when they are on sale. Like another pair of shoes. Nick [...]

It’s Almost Over!

29th November 2006 | 2 Comments

Only one more post after this one and I’ll finally shut up for awhile! Thank you NaBloPoMo for letting me irratate my friends who use a(n?) rss reader.  I’ll soon go back to my oh so boring ways of only a post or two a week, or less!  Hopefully with a lower frequency the posts [...]

Another Meme

28th November 2006 | Closed

Spring made me do it.

They Already Finish Each Others…

27th November 2006 | Closed

..Sentences. A few months back both of the boys learned how to say “dog.” They know what a dog is, can point and say “dog.” But it’s more of a “doo,” they really don’t pronounce the ‘g’ at the end. Now that they understand what they are saying, what it means, etc., I am working [...]

Um.. what?

26th November 2006 | 2 Comments

During this past weekend I’ve been hanging out with my brother and his friends.  I noticed a few things. A. I’m not the youngest person around anymore.  I was one of the youngest people in my graduating class as my birthday is in December.  Add that I usually hang out with my brother and his [...]

Saturday, In The Park

25th November 2006 | Closed

I think it was the fourth of Juulllyyyy!  Ahem. This evening it’s chinese food with friends and ice skating with my bro, yo.  I did not get hungover from my night of drinking last night only because bartenders seem to forget to put ALCOHOL in alcoholic drinks.  Limey bastards.  It was a little hard getting [...]

Another Day After

24th November 2006 | 1 Comment

Tis the day after Thanksgiving, and all through the day We ate turkey sandwhiches and on the sofa we did lay! Brian, Mom and I did brave some Black Friday goodness.  We made a run to the bookstore and the Best Buy.  Some Christmas presents were bought.  And one Chanukah present, too! This evening Bri [...]


23rd November 2006 | Closed

Thanksgiving dinner is over.  And I already want another plate.  Yumyumyum.

I is a coledge stewdant.

22nd November 2006 | 1 Comment

I have officially re-entered college. I do have to go back next week to actually sign up for classes, but I was re-accepted or whatever they have to do. I met with an advisor this morning who went over my options for financial aid, which I have several. The main one, FAFSA, goes by last [...]

Filler time..

21st November 2006 | Closed

Yoinked.  1. Put your music player on shuffle. 2. Press forward for each question. 3. Use the song title as the answer to the question. What does next year have in store for me? Bon Jovi – Sante Fe What’s my love life like? Beatles – Twist and Shout What do I say when life [...]