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28th April 2007 | Closed

First, Maz and I were walking down Main St last night when some random guy introduced himself to us.  We kept walking and then suddenly realized; HEY!  He thinks we are in COLLEGE! WOOOOO!!  We still look 20!!  Yippy! Course, he could have been incredibly drunk.  Secondly, I saw the movie Hot Fuzz with Maz [...]


23rd April 2007 | 3 Comments

Nick and Alex are very quickly learning letters.  A, E, I, O, B, W, Y and J are among Nick’s favorites.  (Alex likes whatever Nick likes.) Bathtime has become a game of letter naming.  They hold up or point to a letter and either tell me what it is or wait for me to say [...]

Ooooh Aaaah

22nd April 2007 | 2 Comments

Obviously I changed my theme to some new purpley theme goodness.  Must be about time for me to change my underwear too. In other news, the twins are driving me nuts, school is almost over and is driving me slightly less nuts, the weather is finally something that can be considered ‘spring-like’ and Brian’s hockey [...]

A “How To”

17th April 2007 | 6 Comments

How to dry off after bath-time, twin style. Clicky click click.   (Large file, wait for it.  Waaait for it..)

Random Randomness Part IV

17th April 2007 | 2 Comments

April is Alcohol Awareness Month! I wish I could say I am making myself quite aware of alcohol these days, but, alas, I am not. Next month, though, next month. April is also apparently National Shoot Up Your School Month, or so it seems. Just days before the 8 year anniversary of Columbine, Virginia Tech [...]

Grumbleness, Now With Pictures!

17th April 2007 | Closed

Proof that it does indeed snow in April and that the weather here is just completely screwed up on a normal basis.  (Yes, apparently I am still going on about that.) These pictures were taken April 5, 2006. 10:25 am 10:28 am   And lastly, this one taken at 11:04 am, just a half hour [...]


12th April 2007 | 3 Comments

Or lack thereof…


7th April 2007 | 3 Comments

Welcome to DelMarVa. Today’s weather: Completely different from yesterday. Tomorrow’s weather: Completely different from today. Weather for the year: Right down any weather related word on little pieces of paper (Sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, snow, rain, sleet, sun, hot, cold, etc.), throw all little pieces of paper into scrabble bag, each morning pull out two [...]

Spring Break!

6th April 2007 | 2 Comments

I am officially on spring break.  Don’t get excited, I don’t have any plans involving video cameras and me not wearing a top.  I don’t have any plans, actually, besides my normal routine of work and babies.  I’m reserving the drinking and top-coming-off-ness for summer break.  But I can’t say I didn’t go anywhere for [...]

One Month

5th April 2007 | 5 Comments

I have one month left before I have two two-year-olds in the house.  I don’t have anything witty or sarcastic to say about that besides the obligatory “where’s the alcohol?” That also means I have one month left of school.  Where’s the alcohol again..?