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Putting the ‘Fun’ Back in ‘Funeral’

29th August 2007 | 1 Comment

Why does the word ‘funeral’ begin with the word ‘fun?’  While I was attending a funeral this morning, I was not having fun.  However two fun comments were overheard. First, while I sat and talked to a friend, another walked by on his cell phone and said “No, I’m not pooping.  Are you pooping?”  I [...]

Let’s Pretend I’m Witty and Interesting

23rd August 2007 | 3 Comments

So, it’s been awhile.  (Great, now I’ll have that song stuck in my head.)  I have been busy with twins, work, jumping through hoops for my fall semester at school, listening to Maz complain about her “fucking pussy shark researchers,” and I think I got a chance to pee once or twice.  That last one [...]

Picture Post

8th August 2007 | Closed

Not much to say so here are some pictures.  Try not to die of cuteness.   That’s my friend Joe with Alex, he and his lovely wife, Jen, are visiting from too far away where they live.    Yah for self portraits with a cell-phone.  Woo.