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Halloween Picture Post

29th October 2007 | Closed

Carmen Sandiego and Vile Henchman The Todd (from Scrubs) and Carmen Sandiego The Host and Hostess as a Mad Scientist and her experiment. A nice shot of The Todd and Carmen Sandiego for Mom. Carmen Sandiego and Hottie Henchman JD (from Scrubs), Carmen Sandiego and Vile Henchman.

On One Condition

12th October 2007 | 2 Comments

Me:  Do you love Mommie? Nick:  Are you cooking dinner?   Don’t forget to donate for breast cancer research here, the walk is this Sunday, October 14th!

Cancer Still Sucks

5th October 2007 | Closed

I’ve mentioned a few times that I am going to see Maroon 5 next weekend. Since I’ll be in the area, and my girlfriends are promising me spankings if I go, I’m also going to do a 5k walk to support breast cancer research. If you would like to (and even if you don’t, do [...]