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I Rock Skool

21st December 2007 | 2 Comments

I got a 4.0 for Christmas.  Go me!

Christmas, Part 1

21st December 2007 | Closed

Our first Christmas affair was at Uncle Hootie and Aunt Donna’s house last night.  (They left this morning to visit her parents for the holidays.)  The boys got tricycles to use while they are at their house and some Bo*b the Bui*lder playsets for in the bath. They also got some B*ob the Bui*lder toothbrushes.  [...]

Toilet Humor

16th December 2007 | 1 Comment

I have twins, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, therefore I very rarely use the bathroom by myself.  Lately, Nick has taken it upon himself to be the fashion police of my underwear.  One day he was happy to tell me my underwear was red.  (It was my Christmas undies.)  One day he pointed out [...]

Drop It Like It’s Hot

5th December 2007 | Closed

A quiz grade, that is. Apparently it is not uncommon for teachers to drop the lowest quiz or test grade. My economics teacher is one of these teachers. We’ve had four quizzes this semester, of which he drops the lowest grade. I got three perfect scores and missed two points on the third. Dropping my [...]


4th December 2007 | 1 Comment

My friend Dr Bekki is some sort of marine biologist. I’m sure she’s told me but her pretty blonde hair distracts me and I forget. Anywho, recently she had a bunch of us draw on some regular styrofoam cups for her to take with her on a voyage into the Pacific Ocean. She dropped these [...]