The Water Here

Our whole family is enjoying the beautiful water along the Emerald Coast of Florida.  There’s no waiting until August when the water is warm enough to go in.  There’s no timing your entry (and exit!) into the water with the waves so you don’t get pummeled into the sand.    We have been swimming in the water since we got here, which was towards the end of March.  People who are from this area think it’s too cold in March, but those of us from The Great White North were fine with the water temperature.   The waves on the Gulf are calm enough that the kids can go in the water & the baby can crawl along the shoreline without too much problem.  Baby J has come to love the water, just like the rest of us.  He loves the pool, beach, even the bath.  If it’s water, he is all smiles.

Yesterday the twins & I went with our next door neighbor to the infamous Crab Island.  It’s not really an island (though it is full of crabs), it’s just a sand bar between Okaloosa Island and Destin.  You take a boat out, anchor it near or on the sand bar and everyone gets out and plays.  The kids caught about a bazillion hermit crabs and two spider crabs.  Which look like this:

Spider crabs

Not the most attractive or delicious looking of the crab family.

Here’s what Crab Island looks like:

Me & the twins

Twins & their friends

Then we went for a ride on the boat to try and see some dolphins.  We went under the Okaloosa-Destin Bridge..

Under the bridge

Bridge & wake

Past Destin Harbor…


And out into the beautiful turquoise blue waters of the Gulf.  We did see dolphins, including a mama & baby dolphin.  They were too quick for me to get a picture with my cell phone.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Rehoboth again.

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