Another Four Years

(I don’t know why this isn’t posting the actual post title I typed in which is: Another Four Years.)

The husband finally re-enlisted today.  So he is officially doing four more years in the Corps and we are tagging along for the ride.    I say “finally” because the paperwork has been going around tables since around March.  When I say that his re-enlistment package has been in since March and he just re-enlisted now in September, that looks pretty bad for him, but it’s not.  There were a lot of people higher up than him dropping the ball on this.  Because we keep being assigned to non-Marine Corps bases, the process gets a little muddled.   But the end result finally happened and it’s done.

Four. More. Years.

A month ago I would have been proud to say my husband re-enlisted.

This month?  This month I’ve had a neck full of the Marine Corps.  I suppose the old adage “When it rains, it pours” comes into play here.  We can go several months with no complaints or problems, then all of a sudden all kinds of dumb shit happens.  This month was the month of all the dumb shit.  So I’m a little over it right now.

One thing that’s pissed me off is an upcoming TDY (tempory duty “yonder” aka they send him somewhere else for a short visit but nobody is shooting at him).  We know he’s going.  We know where he’s going.  We just don’t know when or for how long.  He’s heard several rumors and different stories, everything from 3 weeks to 3 months.  I finally told him not to tell me anything until he had a plane ticket with his name on it.

I will proudly support my husband’s decision to re-enlist.  Eventually.  It is a good decision.

Semper Gumby.

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