Is This Thing On?

First, we are all still alive.  The oldest two are 8 now, Josh just turned 2 and Baby #4 is due to make an appearance in about 2.5 months.  Yes, Baby #4.  You read that correctly, no need to adjust your screen.    Something I had wanted to blog about, in the get-it-off-my-chest kind of way, a year ago was that I was disappointed and depressed over not having a daughter.  I thought over time, my feelings would diminish and they probably would have given more time.  But at some point I just said “Fuck it, we’ll try again.  What’s one more kid in this nut house anyway?”   So I had my IUD removed and I’m pretty sure I got pregnant on the way home from the appointment.  Yes, that’s how good the Marine’s are at getting shit done.  (Okay in all seriousness, I got pregnant a month after having it removed.  A month to the day.)   The Marine’s mission was to produce a girl child this time.  At 17 weeks, on Aug 30th, we had the gender ultrasound which revealed a distinct lack of a penis.  Three weeks later I had my 20 week anatomy scan where, again, there was an obvious lack of penis.   Joe has started looking at guns, I started looking at purple dresses.  We also started the Name Game which went on for an annoying TEN weeks.  It took us ten weeks to pick a name.  And, really, “pick a name” is too strong a term.  I picked zillions of names and Joe said “naah” to all of them.  Finally I had a neck-full of his indecision and told him to just pick something.  He did, I love it, end of story.  Why it took 10 weeks is beyond me.  And so our baby girl is due to arrive around the middle of February, 2014.  That’s the big news from our camp.

In other news, the oldest two are doing well in school.  Little Man, at 2 years old, isn’t talking at all.  Cats are still crazy and cuddly.  We are probably moving again sometime next year.  Fingers crossed we go where we want to go.

Well that’s all for now, see you in a year!

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